Parents Week of Action

It's time to protect our kids and defend our freedoms

If you’re ready to push back against the extremists who are coming after our families, then you’re in the right place.

Radical politicians and hate groups are trying to turn back the clock this back-to-school season — banning books, preventing children from seeing themselves in their curriculum, attacking LGBTQ+ teachers and youth, prioritizing assault weapons over protecting every child’s freedom to learn, and more.

But we’re coming together to say enough is enough. To say that schools should be places where all of our children are free to be who they are without fear of discrimination or violence. To ensure that diverse and inclusive curriculums are preserved. To defend our families and our freedoms. Find out how you can be involved in our week of action starting September 23:

  • Find an event

    We’re teaming up with activists to host events across the country — join in.

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  • Host an event

    Don’t see an event near you? Want to plan your own? We’ll help you through the whole process and make sure you have all the information you need to make it a success.

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  • Share on social media

    Help get the word out online and recruit more people to join this effort.

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  • Share your story

    We’re each part of this fight for our own reasons — and your story could be just what someone else needs to hear in order to join the cause.

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  • Contact your School Board

    Use our template letter to contact YOUR School Board today!

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  • Sign the Parents’ Pledge

    Add your name to say you’re committed to protecting our kids’ and families’ freedoms.

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